Weinberg's Orthopedics was established in 1945 and its expertise is the solution of feet problems using effective insoles. The orthopedics work in the institute combines medicine, art and science, and includes a professional diagnosis of the patient and a personal and exact match of a solution, sensitive to the patient's needs.

The significant part of our activity in Weinberg's Orthopedics is to improve the function of feet using effective insoles and E.F.S™ method – improving the function of the entire body through the insoles.
The solution provided by the institution:
The solution provided by the institution relates to the fact that the body is a complex system, and its various organs are interrelated.
Therefore, the insoles produced by Weinberg's Orthopedics assist also in solving knee, back and nape problems.
The effective insoles are produced since 1986 using the unique E.F.S™ method, which was perfected with time. Today it is considered one of the most advanced methods in the world. This method uses plaster bandages instead of sponge-minting to produce the insoles.

The stages of creating the effective insoles:
1. Examination – free of charge or any obligation on behalf of the customer.
2. Posture examinations.
3. Feet examinations with and without load.
4. Copying the foot using the foot print process.
5. Plastering the feet, through shaping the plaster to form the correct and optimal posture for every patient.
6. Producing the insoles using progressive materials providing the feet with maximal support and absorbing shocks.

E.F.S™ Insoles
The insoles are washable, flexible, light-weight and durable. They can be transferred between shoes, and they come with a one-year warrantee. The insoles contribute significantly to the quality of life, and they are especially vital for instances such as calluses, heel spurs, aches in the front part of the sole, sprains and various stress fractures.
Weinberg's Orthopedics receives customers from all over the world, wishing to improve the condition of their feet and health. The institution also cares the most complex cases with great success, and is obligated to solve the problem for people who tried numerous types of insoles and other methods and for which the situation did not improve. The quality of the work and the professional ethics level of the institution are high at all standards, both national and international.
Weinberg's Orthopedics takes great care to grant its patients with a warm and personal attitude, in addition to the great benefit that the insoles grant them. The vast majority of patients refer to us through recommendations of other patients, and this is seen in many thank you letters which are hanging on our walls.